Rich mail format is enabled, but it does not display the color change of fonts or images in the mails

Good Day

I have been fiddling with Request Tracker RT 3.8.7 on fedora core 13, for a while and I have a minor problem that seems to be on the configuration side of things.

I have installed the rt3 with yum from the fedora repos, so all options are the default, I have configured the sendmail program to send the mail to an exchange server that it uses as both destination and relay for mail which is outgoing, tested the sendmail and I can receive the most simple mail on any account both internal and external, now for receiving I have setup an e-mail address in the exchange server that can be reached by imap to store the mails, I have configured fetchmail for the task of reading the mails but leave the copy in the exchange server. And the thing works wonderfully I now have a fully functional RT.

Now the problem arises from the fact that those who create email tickets want to see the e-mails that create the tickets just like they would see them on any mail interface or program (gmail, yahoo, outlook, thunderbird) on the RT interface ticket screen. I Thought that the answer would be with the MaxInline, PreferRichText, ShowTransactionImages. Although they do modify the format of how my received mail are viewed from simple html to more refined ways, they do not complete the job. The color fonts and images embedded are not being displayed. I DonĀ“t know if the problem could be on the fetchmail, the apache or the RT itself.

Any Help is very much appreciated and Thanks in advance


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