RHEL3 (perl 5.8.0) UTF-8 Problems

I’ve been getting these UTF-8 problems with perl-5.8.0, and have
applied various patches to try to get things to work, with no luck.
I’ve also upgraded to rt-3.3.6, which seems to have the patches applied
already, still no luck.

As a bit of an explanation of funny paths below, I’m not one for
installing Perl modules from CPAN, because it walks all over the local
packaging system, so I’ve built all my modules as RPMs, and installed
them with a root dir of /usr/local/rt-3.3.6/dependencies, and pointed
perl there in the appropriate places. I don’t believe this is causing
the problem at all.

Here is a cutting of the first few lines of the trace I get when
creating a ticket via the web interface:

Unrecognised line: nward@quicksilver.co.nz at
/usr/local/rt-3.3.6/lib/RT/Interface/Email.pm line 416

Trace begun at
Mason/Exceptions.pm line 131
HTML::Mason::Exceptions::rethrow_exception(‘Unrecognised line:
nward@quicksilver.co.nz at
/usr/local/rt-3.3.6/lib/RT/Interface/Email.pm line 416^J’) called at
/usr/lib/perl5/5.8.0/Carp.pm line 191
Carp::croak(‘Unrecognised line: nward@quicksilver.co.nz’) called at
Address.pm line 122
Mail::Address::_tokenise(‘nward@quicksilver.co.nz’) called at
Address.pm line 182
Mail::Address::parse(‘Mail::Address’, ‘nward@quicksilver.co.nz’) called
at /usr/local/rt-3.3.6/lib/RT/Interface/Email.pm line 416
called at /usr/local/rt-3.3.6/lib/RT/User_Overlay.pm line 584
‘nward@quicksilver.co.nz’) called at
/usr/local/rt-3.3.6/lib/RT/Ticket_Overlay.pm line 546
RT::ticket::Create(‘RT::Ticket=HASH(0x99ae2dc)’, ‘DependsOn’,
‘ARRAY(0x87300bc)’, ‘Requestor’, ‘ARRAY(0x872cdb4)’, ‘TimeEstimated’,
undef, ‘RefersTo’, ‘ARRAY(0x873011c)’, ‘Cc’, ‘ARRAY(0x872ce14)’,
‘ReferredToBy’, ‘ARRAY(0x8730134)’, ‘Subject’, ‘test’, ‘Status’, ‘new’,
‘Children’, ‘ARRAY(0x8730104)’, ‘FinalPriority’, 70, ‘TimeLeft’, ‘’,
‘Queue’, ‘NOC’, ‘AdminCc’, ‘ARRAY(0x872ce74)’, ‘DependedOnBy’,
‘ARRAY(0x87300d4)’, ‘Owner’, 10, ‘MIMEObj’,
‘MIME::Entity=HASH(0x99b27ec)’, ‘Type’, ‘ticket’, ‘InitialPriority’,
50, ‘Parents’, ‘ARRAY(0x87300ec)’, ‘Starts’, ‘1970-01-01 00:00:00’,
‘TimeWorked’, ‘’, ‘Due’, ‘2004-09-22 15:47:28’) called at
/usr/local/rt-3.3.6/lib/RT/Interface/Web.pm line 340
HTML::Mason::Commands::CreateTicket(‘Attachments’, undef, ‘Status’,
‘new’, ‘new-DependsOn’, ‘’, ‘Object-RT::Ticket–CustomField-1-Values’,
‘ARRAY(0x996a958)’, ‘Queue’, ‘NOC’,
‘Object-RT::Ticket–CustomField-4-Values’, ‘ARRAY(0x99539ec)’,
‘AdminCc’, ‘’, ‘Object-RT::Ticket–CustomField-2-Values’,
‘ARRAY(0x996ac04)’, ‘Requestors’, ‘nward@quicksilver.co.nz’,
‘InitialPriority’, 50, ‘Starts’, ‘’, ‘Attach’, ‘’, ‘TimeWorked’, ‘’,
‘id’, ‘new’, ‘Cc’, ‘’, ‘Subject’, ‘test’,
‘Object-RT::Ticket–CustomField-4-Values-Magic’, ‘ARRAY(0x996ad18)’,
‘new-RefersTo’, ‘’, ‘FinalPriority’, 70, ‘RefersTo-new’, ‘’,
‘TimeLeft’, ‘’, ‘Object-RT::Ticket–CustomField-1-Values-Magic’,
‘ARRAY(0x996adcc)’, ‘DependsOn-new’, ‘’, ‘Owner’, 10,
‘Object-RT::Ticket–CustomField-3-Values-Magic’, ‘ARRAY(0x996ae50)’,
‘new-MemberOf’, ‘’, ‘MemberOf-new’, ‘’, ‘Content’, ‘test ticket’,
‘Object-RT::Ticket–CustomField-3-Values’, ‘ARRAY(0x996aeec)’, ‘Due’,
‘2004-09-23 03:47:28’, ‘Object-RT::Ticket–CustomField-2-Values-Magic’,
‘ARRAY(0x996af58)’) called at
/usr/local/rt-3.3.6/share/html/Ticket/Display.html line 100

If anyone has any thoughts, it’d be much appreciated.

Nathan Ward

I didn’t look at your debugging output but Perl 5.8.0 is buggy for
RT. You need at least 5.8.3.

In that case then, does anyone have any tips on deploying a second
perl/(mod_perl|fastcgi) installation, which doesn’t walk all over
one provided by distribution_x?

Actually, Nathan, you’ll need to log onto RHN and have a look at what
RH has patched their Perl with.

It’s probably easier to do a tarball install of perl somewhere
under /usr/local (probably the default) and use it with fastcgi.

Could very well be, but then why bother using RHEL in the first place,
if you’re going to go around stuff they supply? My point was that
Nathan may not even need a “newer” Perl because RH may have fixed the
relevant bugs in their idea of 5.8.0. My preference is still to avoid
RHEL for RT because it’s a pain either to deal with the strict version
requirements for all the various mods, or to work around them.

Yes, it appears that the relevant bugs have been fixed, and RT is now
running perfectly (AFACT) with the RHEL supplied Perl.

FWIW, we run RHEL3 exclusively, so supporting a second OS is something
I’d like to avoid if possible. Not that it matters anymore. :slight_smile:

Nathan Ward