Reviewing RT Logs

Hi Everyone,
We had a situation as we rolled out our RT implementation where users were submitting requests with attachments but there was a size limit on the database that would not allow it to create the ticket. The user didn’t get anything back and of course we didn’t see a ticket in RT because it wasn’t created. We did find in a log what was happening and got everything corrected but it got us thinking are there logs that we should be reviewing daily to watch for error that need to be addressed.

So for those the administer your RT systems, do you have any daily, weekly, monthly checks or processes you do to keep your system in check and if so, could you please share that information with us? We are hoping for this issue we can figure out how to have the system put a ticket in that there is an error in the log that needs to be addressed. But we would like to hear from others on what your processes are.

Thanks in advance.