Retrieving list of CustomField values using API in RT 3.6.3

Hi -

Does anyone know how to enumerate a list of possible values for a
custom field type of ‘Select Multiple Values’? Right now I’m doing

my $queue = new RT::Queue($RT::SystemUser);


my $CustomFields = $queue->TicketCustomFields();

while (my $CustomField = $CustomFields->Next()) {

if ($CustomField->Name eq "Project") {

    my $CustomFieldValues = $queue->CustomFieldValues($CustomField->Id);
    print "COUNT: " . $CustomFieldValues->Count . "\n";
    print "Content: " . $CustomFieldValues->Content . "\n";



Unfortunately, this doesn’t completely work (specifically, the block
of code inside the if statement). $CustomFieldValues->Count and
$CustomFieldValues->Content both return nothing. Does anyone have any
pointers for me as to where to look for this info?