Restricting Ticket Visibility

RT version: 3.0.6

I have an RT installation with a bunch of queues. Call them
A1, A2, A3, … and B1

Users in Group A have CreateTicket,ReplyTicket,SeeQueue, and ShowTicket
set for queues A1, A2, …

Users in Group B have CreateTicket,ReplyTicket,SeeQueue, and ShowTicket
set for queue B.

All of the tickets in Queues A* are chronologically before the
tickets in Queue B.

When a user in A does a search for tickets that would include
tickets in B (e.g. “Status = New”) it works fine and he sees the tickets
from queues A* only.

When a user in B does the same search, he doesn’t see anything.
If I add another restriction so that it would only show the tickets
in B, then it works fine.

Does anyone recognize this? Did I bungle something? Is there a known


RT version: 3.0.6

Heya Eric,

Before you spend a bunch of time trying to debug this one, it's
worth going up to 3.0.12 as I know there were query builder bugs
fixed between then and now. (Also, be sure to upgrade to a
current DBIx::SearchBuilder.)

This might also be the fault of the paging logic, which is in
the database. So your first page is the first 25 results, which
contain no records that the user has the right to see. I'm
betting that if you kept hitting "next", the right thing would


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