Restoring mysqldump file

Any suggestions how to resolve this situation…

We had an error occur in the RT database (RT 3.0.12, running on Windows
Server 2003 and Apache 2.0.52), that required reinstallation of a backup of
the RT database.

The database had been previously backed up using the mysqldump script
outlined in the “RT Essentials” book

Used the restore procedure also from the book, however when RT was
restarted, many of the attachments of the tickets in the database were no
longer present, only a list of comment entries without any associated
comment text.

If you query the database (using say, phpmyadmin), the missing attachments
are clearly present - it is as though the associated tickets and/or
transactions have not been correctly restored.

Next, attempted to re-install RT itself (using the original rt 3.0.12 setup

If we attempt to restore the database contents now, mysql always responds
"ERROR 1049: Unknown database ‘rt3’"