REST2: Obtain a list of queues and attachment names

I can use the REST/2.0/queues/all endpoint, and that will give me a list of the queues IDs and urls, but if I want a list of the names, I then have to query each of the queues for the full information.

This is even worse with the attachments. To get the names of the attachments, I have to:

Obtain the ticket history with:
For each of the transactions of the history, obtain the attachment list:
And then for each of the attachments, obtain its information with:

But that will not only give me the attachment information, but the full contents of the attachment. So to simply get the ticket’s attachment names I have to do as many requests as transactions and attachments in the ticket AND download the full contents of all attachments… that seems a bit inneficient. Is there no way of obtaining simply the names and types?

The REST 1.0 had that option with:
That would give you the id, name, type and size for each of the attachments in the ticket.


I have a feature branch which allows specifying the fields which should be returned, please have a look at: