REST 2.0 Add Cc/Bcc to comment

I’m working with RT 4.4.1 and REST 2.0. I’m trying to add a comment to a ticket and Cc another user, similar to the “One-time Cc” on the comment form.

I’ve been successful in creating the comment and content, but can’t seem to get the message sent to the Cc. The ticket owner receives notification that a comment was added. As part of the comment json I’ve tried adding Cc:, One-time Cc:, and RT-Send-CC: without success. I did confirm that TimeTaken updates Time Worked correctly, so I believe that the calls are correct.

Any advice or guidance is appreciated.



It looks like it should work, are you using something similar to: or line 108 in the same file?



Thanks for getting back to me! In the past I have successfully created tickets and added transactions similar to that, but in this case I need to add a comment with a Cc that isn’t a requestor or Cc on create.

When I check the documentation for comments it looks like the fields available are Subject, Content, Content-Type and, if you want to add an attachment, FileName, FileType, and FileContent. I don’t see any place to add a Cc similar to the One-Time Cc that is on the webform.

The comment is created without issue, but the only email generated is the one to the ticket owner, Cc seems to be ignored.



You are using version 4.4.1. We are currently on 4.4.2 and there are quite a few bugs with the REST 2.0 api. Our testing has shown that they work in our new 4.4.4 instance that is about to go live. I would recommend an upgrade to see if that fixes your problems.