Resolved notifications

To manage my companies End Of Shift Reports, i’m trying to write a scrip
which will send a custom EOS template to all users in the EOS group upon
ticket creation. The EOS reports would be given a status of 'resolved’
during creation, since they do not require anything further. The EOS group
exists within RT, and also within a company mail distribution list - either
one can be used to communicate the report to the team.

This custom action works:

my ($status, $msg) = $self->TicketObj->AddWatcher(Type => ‘Cc’, Email
=> "" );
return 1;
But it only works by first creating the ticket as ‘new’, and then 'resolved’
as a second step. I would like all tickets, which are submitted as
resolved, to be emailed.

The custom action code on this page looks helpful:

But attempts to re-arrange it for my purposes failed terribly. If anyone
could lend a hand here, I would seriously appreciate it.


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