[RESOLVED] Can't create Auth Tokens

Not sure what I’m missing,

  • I created a new queue,
  • Created a new user
  • In the ACL section the user can access RT and it is Privileged
  • Grand the new user access to the new queue.

When I login as the new user, I don’t see the option “Auth Tokens” under the Settings menu, using the direct URL from another user, I can access the page, but can’t generate tokens, and I get this error message.

Unable to create a new authentication token. Contact your RT administrator.

What I’m missing ?

PS . In rt log file I see

[326669] Unable to create authentication token: Permission Denied

But what permission is missing ?

After looking at the source, seems like the user need to have the permission ManageAuthTokens, which is set via /Admin/Global/UserRights.html page.

Not sure why is it need to be managed separately in a completely different page, but for now , it works, and I was able to issue the token.