Resctricting rights per queue

Dear all,

I’m using a 3.6.3 system and I want to set up a group with dispatching
rights (taking, editing, resolving tickets) on a queue basis. This group
should only see tickets in queues A and B and no tickets in queues C and
How can I restrict their rights that they are not at all able to see any
tickets that are not in queues A and B?
I found ways to setup a “RT at a glance” page for them with only their
queues but when they e.g. enter the ticket ID in the URL they can see
any ticket.



I need to know how you have the Queues (A thru D) set up in terms of 

global rights, Group rights to a Queue, and individual user rights. The
RT Essentials book give some guidelines to privileges, but not much info
on all the inter-relations. Basically, you need to make sure that the
only global rights you grant are the type of privileges you want any
privileged or non-privileged user to have and grant the rights involving
"access to tickets", “working on tickets”, and “communication on
tickets” on a Queue by Queue basis for specific groups. This may/may not
involve group rights to custom fields, if you use them, and other
relationships. Hope this helps.


Obando, David DE - EV wrote:

Dear Kenn,

thanks for the advice! Now I found out how to restrict the rights on a per queue basis. I had to remove the global rights to get it working…