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Thank’s for help…but, in my case i’m not using LDAP Server (sorry, I mentioned this on previous e-mail just to explain a kind of external authentication)… I’m using mod_auth_pam… it’s a module that does the authentication by pam_smb, or either, by SAMBA (SMB).

The authentication work’s fine… but, is just a query! A cannot add users by this model of authentication (I don’t care if there is synchronization between server authentication and RT)… And that is the point: If a user was authenticated (by my external authentication system - in my case pam_smb) and there is no account in RT for this user, then will be created an account without privileges (unchecked option “Let this user be granted rights”). And if this user has an account in RT, then the access will be according his privileges. Because, by default, when a user is created in RT (if I set the WebExternalAuto) it will be created as privileged user (checked the option “Let this user be granted rights”)… and I’d like that worked as I mentioned above.

Thank’s ALL!!!

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Hello There!!

I’d like that if users authenticated by my LDAP Server and that doesn’t have accounts in RT, then an account will be created, for this user, as UNPRIVILEGED user. And users that have an account in RT, could access RT normally (according with their privileges)… Is it possible?!

Thanks in advance…

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Seems you have to write your own module to accomplish this…

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