RES: search deleted tickets

1)Change the parameter SkipDeleted to 0 in file local/html/Search/Elements/PickBasics
2)After this, add a instruction in local/lib/RT/Tickets_Overlay_SQL.PM near from line 512:
$self->{‘allow_deleted_search’} = 1;

The routine will look like this:

We don’t want deleted tickets unless ‘allow_deleted_search’ is set

$self->{‘allow_deleted_search’} = 1;
unless( $self->{‘allow_deleted_search’} ) {
$self->SUPER::Limit(FIELD => ‘Status’,
OPERATOR => ‘!=’,
VALUE => ‘deleted’);

These changes work fine here… with RT 3.4.2, ok?!

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Is there any way to search for deleted tickets. No specific criteria, just
the queue name and status = deleted.


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