RES: Grant Privileges... Is there something like"ShowMyTicket"?

Ok… I understood!! But if I granted “ShowTicket” to the requestor group, do you agree with me that a user will can see (and follow it) others ticket’s that he was not a requestor?? For example… this user will see ticket’s created by other user of requestor group. And, it’s that I don´t want happens…

Thank’s ALL!!!

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How about granting “ShowTicket” to the “Requestor” group?


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Hello There!!!

I’ve a doubt about grant privileges…

For example, There are 2 queues in my RT: Test and Develop. And I’ve a
user that has privileges to act in Test tickets but doesn’t have
privileges to act in Develop tickets, although he cans only create and
follow tickets in this Develop queue. To solve this problem, I grant this
user with “CreateTicket” and “SeeQueue” into Develop queue. My doubt is
about the “ShowTicket” privilege, because if I check this privilege to
this user, he will see all the Develop tickets (and I don’t want it
because the others develop tickets doen´t matter for him) and if uncheck
this option, he cannot see / follow his ticket!! Is there a privilege like
"ShowMyTicket"? Because I want that this user just see ticket’s created by

Well… I don’t know if my doubt it’s so clear… but I tried!! :slight_smile:

Thank’s for regards!!!

Rodolfo de Moraes Reis

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