Requestors don't always see their tickets in SelfService

rt ls “Requestor like ‘’ AND status != ‘Resolved’”

and the command-line returned more results. In other words,
‘’ is the Requestor (not the Cc) on some
unresolved tickets, but these tickets don’t show up when he logs in.

I tried going to the tickets directly as Bob but got a “permission denied”.

Why? Is access to a ticket a different ACL?

I didn’t check 100%, but it looks like Bob sees tickets where he’s the
original requestor (ie, he created the ticket), but not ones where he
was added as a requestor later.

Is there a way to fix this globally? If not, is there a command-line
way to give someone access to a ticket? Can I tweak the db to do this?

Minor silly question that doesn’t deserve its own email: I know RT
spells ‘scrip’ “incorrectly”, but what about “Requestor”?

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