Requestor-mode interface and multiple-requestoraccess to tickets

If all the email is coming from the same domain, you could mangle the
address so that its always the same user… this with the rt-mailgate

Sorry, my email should’ve gone to the list (it’s quoted below). Maybe I
should just go back to mutt…

Thanks, I think that’ll have to be the short-term fix at least.

Is it an idea to have RT do something better itself? Would anyone else
find this kind of feature useful?


Robie Basak wrote:

The problem is that if someone from the company then emails a new ticket
in, without the From: part of the email specifying this general company
tracking email address, then a new requestor will be autogenerated and
they won’t be able to view the ticket in the requestor-mode interface,
if you follow me.

Or are you suggesting that I rewrite the email on its way in (I was
thinking about doing this as a temporary solution)?

CanonicalizeAddress() in might help.