Request tracker, time worked

I’m quite new at using RT and this product looks to me just amazing: ticket
management, Asset management, article management. Powerfull and versatile,
in my humble opinion.

It seems that RT could also be utilized to keep track of time worked on
specific tickets, and even bill (with 2 extensions) clients. On that
matter, for the first time, it appears to me what looks like a limitation
of RT. To really use it as a time keeper (in addition to other functions)
for billing purpose, things needed for a specific ticket are:

  • possibility to enter the time worked for a specific date (other that
    the actual date)
  • possibility to track changes on the time-worked/date
  • possibility to export easily the time-worked/date data

Did I miss something, or is there a real “problem” that prevent a user to
capture time worked for a specific date, and correct it if required ?

At first I thought that the database was ok to keep track of worked time
but I am probably wrong because “time keeping” needs 2 fields:

  • the time worked
  • the date the time was worked.

The present date field in the Transactions table is there to keep track of
the moment the transaction was made, and it has to stay like that.
Therefore, from a naive point of view, one more field (~TimeTakenDate)
would be required to make RT a perfect time keeper in addition to all the
other features. Therefore a new transaction could correct a previous one on
a specific date by differential (without loosing the history).

As a “by-pass”, I saw that there is a PF of type “ticket transaction” that
could be used to create a PF date field and maybe help with that goal, but
my level of knowledge is not good enough to even find out where these
transactions are stored and how to use them in a worked time report, or
export them.

In short, is there a solution, or should I just give up on this ?



When I wrote “PF” in the previous message, I should have instead wrote “CF”
(for Customized Field).



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