Request Tracker 3.x : out-of-the-box installation

I am currently truing to figure-out a way to automate Request Tracker 3.0
for Redhat 8.x or 9.0 as much as possible.

My goal is to have as much out-of-the-box functionality as possible (using
RPMS for MySQL or PostgreSQL, Perl modules e.t.c) and keep the tarballs to
a minimum.

My main concerns are:

a. Having all non-Redhat required packages (.rpm or .tar.gz) available on a
separate CD.

b. Being able to perform the installation without an Internet Connection (i
e. for CPAN to work).

c. Automate the procedure (make) and make it as reliable as possible.

If somebody have succeded in any of these two tasks and wants to share it
with us,
I would welcome the feedback. If somebody has created an RPM, that would be
even better!


Dimitris Chrysaidis
IT Specialist.