Repost: Preferences 'permission denied' error


I received no replies the first go 'round, thought I would ask again!

Using RT version 3.0.8 - any ideas why a privileged user with rights to
‘ModifySelf’ cannot change their organization (in Preferences) but
change all the other data pertaining to their 'Identity, Phone Numbers,
Password, or Location (in Preferences)?

The error is “permission denied.” The user can modify all of their other
information in the ‘Preferences’ section.

From RT Doc:
ModifySelf: modify his own email address, real name, nickname, extra
contact information, password, organization, address, phone numbers,
and signature.

Thank you!

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in lib/RT/
change line
Organization =>
{read => 1, write => 1, public => 1, admin => 1, type
=> ‘varchar(200)’, default => ‘’},

Organization =>
{read => 1, write => 1, public => 1, type =>
‘varchar(200)’, default => ‘’},

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