Reports on contrib

Guys, Ive seen reports in the
directory, but I know exactly how to install scrips or reports like the
one weekly.html mentioned here.

How can I install those?

Thx! for help a new rt user :slight_smile:

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hi anton,

depends on what add-on you want to install.

for example:
“weekly.htm” or “reports.html” and “statusreport.html” from
/pub/rt/contrib/2.0/rt-addons ended up in /opt/rt2/WebRT/html/ in my
installation. this is (usually) the place for all .html files to go.

the more complex addons like “statusreport” (found as attachment in the
mail-archives) might bring their own folder(s).

you might just give it a try. the output of (many) mason errors usually
tells you, what script is missing and where it should reside.