Report package

I’m using the report package I asked about a couple of days ago, and I’ve
been asked to impliment a feature. Maybe someone has already hacked it out?

What one of the managers here wants is the reports that come with the
package, on a “per Owner” basis.

For instance, the report Calls per Queue, per Day, would be Calls per
Queue, per Day, per Owner, and would split up the table to show how many
tickets each ticket owner has handled.

I see (sort of) what I would need to do to get this working, at least,
logically. It looks like all I’d need to do is wrap the main table
generation routine in another for loop. Something like this:

for my $owner (qw (OwnerVariable)) {
(main table generation here)

What would I need to put in the “OwnerVariable” spot?

Thanks in advance.

Russ Johnson

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