Report on new ticktes in a specific queue

We do some reports on ticket lifecycle. Our problem is one gets only data for now, not for historic states.

A ticket for a technical request will be opened in the queues support or sales (maybe other). They all go to support and will maybe moved to second level or a department at last.

Once a month we want to know how many tickets were opened in support and how many opened in sales. With the buildin reports you cannot solve this question or I am to blind to see.

Our bad solution is to pull the report every hour or like this and do a lot of datamangling once a month.

Has anyone an idea to solve the question: “How many tickets in any queue were opened in a specific queue”?

regards, Andre.

You could stash the original queue value in a custom field then search on the created date and that custom field value

Ok, this is one solution. I’ll think about it.

It fits exactly the given problem. I hoped to find ideas we can transfer to other reports, like “how many tickets were moved to second level this moth”, maybe grouped per day :slight_smile:

One colleague mentioned to traverse over all tickets in the given period and extract transaction-data with an external scipt.

There is the transaction query builder too that may be able to search for transactions like changing queues

That sounds interesting. We use 4.4.x at the moment so I have to wait for the scheduled update. Documentation is quite little.

Docs: Query builder - RT 5.0.3 Documentation - Best Practical
New feature since 5.0.0: RT 5.0.0 Release Notes - RT: Request Tracker - Best Practical