Reply emails show as "Tech support"

New install of RT5. Initially, emails out of RT would show as coming from “John Smith via RT” as expected. Now they show as coming from “Tech Support”. It’s possible I’ve accidentally changed this but I don’t know where this behaviour is configured. Can anyone help?


Looks like this is controlled by “UseFriendlyFromLine” and “FriendlyFromLineFormat” but they already appear to be set correctly:

Set($UseFriendlyFromLine, 1);

Set($FriendlyFromLineFormat, “”%s via RT" <%s>");

Could be worth making sure its not just your email client adding a label

No, seems to be happening for at least all 3 of us IT staff.

This could be your email server adjusting the From of sent mails (or even of mails already archived on your mailbox!). I would check its contents on the outgoing transaction to determine if it’s sent wrong by RT or something else is “fixing” it later.