Reply-Address isnt quite right

Hello All,

            I am having issues with the reply address set by RT. I have

a slightly less than perfect environment to work with and i need some
direction. My setup is as follows:

All of my systems are in domain. so for example, my exchange
server is and my RT3 server is My
exchange server only accepts mail for, and NOT for

So i have a mailbox in Exchange,, that forwards all mail
to a contact that points to The mail ends up at
the RT server, and a reply email is generated. However, when the reply email
is generated it comes to the creator as instead of I have even tried adding the
$CanonicalizeEmailAddress variables to replace (the
generated reply address) to have it be replaced by, but it just
doesnt seem to be working. I even have manually added for the reply and comment addresses in the queue
that i am working in !

Anyone have any ideas where i need to make a change for RT to send the
proper Queue-Based reply email address ?

Here is my file for the things that i am manually changing.

<<<<<<<< /etc/rt3/ >>>>>>>>

Set( $rtname, ‘’);

Set( $WebPath , “/rt3”);

Set( $OwnerEmail , ‘’);

Set( $FriendlyFromLineFormat , “Support”);

Set( $CanonicalizeEmailAddressMatch , ‘’);

Set( $CanonicalizeEmailAddressReplace . ‘’);

Set( $CorrespondAddress , ‘’);

Set( $CommentAddress , ‘’);

Any help/advise/direction that i can get will be a huge help. Thank you in
advance !

Blake Turner