Replies to comment email going to requestors 5.0.0

Hi all,

I’m having problems getting my RT config to work properly since I have installed this new instance of
RT Version 5.0.0.

I’m having issues with comments on RT, whereby someone in our company
that does not use the RT system replies using the comment address and this
comment goes off to the requester still.

I have been testing with turning off the standard On Comment Notify Other Recipients as Comment and On Comment Notify AdminCcs as Comment scripts and the replies to comment emails still goes to the requestor too.

Also, I have noticed that in previous versions we used ( 4.4.3-2) RT was adding [Comment] tag in Subject when sending Comments from a ticket to an external email address.

Can someone tell me how to overcome this issue? I have read many responses give to people who had this issue previously - none of it worked for us.

Thanks for taking a look!


Just to check: are they replying to the requestor and RT in their email? If so, there’s nothing RT can do about that.

Thanks GreenJimll,
users outside RT are responding to comments sent from a ticket - they’re not replying to the requestor they’re replying to the comment sent to them from a ticket. Yet, this still goes to the requestor - it seems that those emails are not treated as comments but as correspondence to the requestor.
I have tried many solutions offered here in the community, it’s not working.

Is RT 5 on the same server that RT 4 was on? Maybe the aliases file doesn’t have the comment mailgate pipe setup correctly?