RemoteUserAutoCreate missing values database

Hi RT Community,

I’m currently configuring an RT 4.4 with an apache mod_auth_openidc which redirect access requests to RT towards an federate identity platform using Opendic and OAuth2.

After the successful authentication, the user is well redirected is RT and the system create automatically an user according Set($WebRemoteUserAutocreate , 1).

The issue is concerning the local database. Indeed when RT received the openidc token including name, email, sub etc… , RT fills only the “Name” field in the Users database with the value retrieved in the JWK token
But for the EmailAddress is not filling properly : stay empty with no values.

I put the Set($RTAddressRegexp,qr{^(?:)$}i); according the log messages but not working as well.

Do you know if I have to set some other parameters to ensure the value are properly filled in the database ?

Logs :

Set($WebRemoteUserAutocreate , 1);
Set( $UserAutocreateDefaultsOnLogin, { Privileged => 0 } );
Set($WebRemoteUserAuth , 1);
Set($WebFallbackToRTLogin, 1);

OIDC token (format: JWK) received from the platform

oidc_copy_tokens_to_request_state: id_token={"sub":"e7acb8e1-affb-4d78-9f2f-8b8d1b824cff","aud":"toto","iss":"https://SERVER_REMOTE/oauth2","exp":1517496945,"iat":1517493345,"nonce":"EJKIQwCUmEZxtSdftYiXWQSE2GSft526CC4H-VW1Jnk"} claims={"sub":"e7acb8e1-affb-4d78-9f2f-8b8d1b824cff","email_verified":"true","name":"a a","email":"}, referer: https://RT_SERVER/NoAuth/css/rudder/squished-3ec0208fe444cf42f75cf364b96b71ae.css

Thanks in advance,