Relogin Issue / Page Cannot be Displayed Sporadically

Alright, I am suffering from a very odd situation and would really
REALLY like some additional (smarter) brains to pick.

We have three networks which access our RT system.

Network A

Network B

Network C

All networks can do the following:

Trace route the IP/Hostname for RT

Ping the IP/Hostname RT

RT is on “A”, we have users connecting successfully all the time from
"A" and “B” and “C” can get to it MOST of the time. Here are where
things get really funny.

“C” will sometimes time out when trying to load the site and get the
"Page Cannot be Displayed" message OR they will suffer from the
"relogin" issue and taken back to the login screen. They receive this
with both IE and Firefox.

During this time when they cannot get to the site, they CAN successfully
ping the IP/Hostname of the RT server. Based on all the tests and
checks I’ve run, connectivity does not appear to be an issue something
funky is happening!!

I’ve checked the following logs and nothing remarkable shows up:

Apache access

Apache error


I can’t see anything within RT that would be correlated to this, but
guys, I could really use some help with any suggestions you may have.

Thank you all very much in advance!

My Config:

RT 3.6.3

Debian 4.0



Apache 2