Reinstall fixed my images/links problem

hosed everything, re-ran make install, reran the import, customized, etc. Looks like I shouldn’t have had a / in the first of the
three variables used to compose the URL? That was the only difference I
could find

anyway, solved the problem myself, thanks anyway! Set up the
NameVirtualHost directive and defined a virtualhost for the system’s real
name(always forget that part) and everything is now humming along. I’m
demoing the setup tomorrow and we’ll probably switch over to the new system
in a day or two.

PS:the attachment handling(we’re cursed with Exchange) and the opening
page(with the queue status board, top tickets, etc) looks terrific! Our
tech guys are gonna go nuts over this :slight_smile: I was especially wowwed that all
the old tickets that I imported had the attachments processed! Yaaay!