Regarding Duplicate Mails

Hello All

I have RT 3.6.3 setup with oracle 9i as backend and I have one weird problem
of RT creating duplicate ticket from same mail. When I tried to debug it I
found it that it is fetch mail which is not flushing data once mail has been
read and ticket is created. Fetch mail again sends same mail from which
previously a ticket already has been created. So now I have only two options
left with me either to upgrade fetch mail or to write code in rt-mailgate to
not to fetch mail once its ticket has been created. But as RT’s code is not
straight forward and I m a bit new to it I am not sure what steps exactly I
should take to put a validation on not to again make ticket once ticket from
same mail has been generated.

Please any one can help me in this. I will be very grateful to him. Waiting
a positive reply from your side

Thanks & Regards