Reference templates in scrips by ID instead of names

Please tell me if I miss anything. We use RT 4.4.x at the moment

For different reasons we have to rename queues, templates and other objects sometimes. Every rename is a pain because one have to pay attention to scrips, scrip-codes and other things. So we always use the ID of objects if possible to be robust against renaiming. Espacialy in perl-code.

Unfortunaly you can’t do this in RT frontend, aren’t you?

At the moment I am looking for a way to choose a template by ID within a scrip and not by name as it is presented by the dropdown. The problem is if one renames the template the connection gets lost.

Very bad: There is no error oder warning in the log.

PS: In my opinion RT should take care of the references if renaming an object. But that is another thing. Some people like to use the name to easyly switch between two objects.