Redhat 7 Install Problems


We are attempting to get a new RT Install working on a Redhat 7 instance and have been having a lot of trouble with module locations and installation with Apache.

Now we’re getting version match errors thrown from apache:

List::Util object version 1.27 does not match bootstrap parameter 1.50 at /usr/lib64/perl5/ line 213.
Compilation failed in require at /usr/lib64/perl5/vendor_perl/Scalar/ line 11.
Compilation failed in require at /opt/rt4/sbin/../lib/ line 59.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at /opt/rt4/sbin/../lib/ line 59.
Compilation failed in require at /opt/rt4/sbin/rt-server.fcgi line 86.

Before this error, we were getting module not found errors and I think some bad libraries may have gotten installed, but no one can figure out how to fix or point Apache to the correct location for the installed modules. This is a system that we do not have root access to, only very limited sudo permissions. The basic check/fix deps seems to show everything is installed correctly. But Apache doesn’t agree.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do?

Thank you!

See Unable to get apache and RT running it looks like a previous poster said this is caused by duplicate libraries, in your case maybe List::Util

This means that the DynaLoader is loading the wrong shared library. Do
you have multiple versions of List::Util

I believe there are probably multiple versions… Some resources from shared perl locations and then local installed versions. But I cant make heads or tails of what is specifically causing the issue or why Apache is picking up that version but the dependency tests all succeed.