I want to add a special functionality to a ticket.

So I did the following steps:

  • created a menu entry
  • created a form in local/html/Ticket/…
  • created with a method say “myMethod”
  • created a queue specific template.
  • created RT::Action::SendMyMethodEmail as subclass from SendEmail

Now everthing works fine except the logging of the outgoing email.
In Ticket/Display the entry shows up but clicking on [Show] gives me an error
"Attachment couldn’t be loaded"
The link looks like

What I do in myMethod is:

  1. doing my special task (which works on another database )
  2. create a transaction with $self->_NewTransaction
    This transaction is displayd in Ticket/Display.html
  3. create a template obj with LoadQueueTemplate …
  4. create an action with

my $notification = RT::Action::SendMyMethodEmail->new(
TicketObj => $self,
TransactionObj => $TransObj,
CurrentUser => $self->CurrentUser,
TemplateObj => $template,
Argument => {value => $value,
pin => $pin },

my ($ret);
$ret = $notification->Prepare();
if ($ret) {
$notification->SetHeader( ‘To’,$self->RequestorAddresses );
$ret = $notification->Commit();


Now everything works, the email is sent with the template, all values filled
in etc.

My modifications in SendMyMethodEmail were removing everything where ScripObj
is accessed since I have no ScripObj here.

So what am I doing wrong ?

Rolf Schaufelberger

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