Recall : How to start with Approvals?

  1. I’m planning to have different approving officer for each queue, do I
    need to create different templates under each queue (not global)?

  2. If I have 3 queue, (system, technical, others), then I created
    different template (#1) under each queue, where should I put my scrip, for
    each queue or under global?

I confused…

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  1. Create a global (or not) template. This template will be used to create
    "approval tickets".
    Name it as you want, and but the text between the “--------” below in
    "content" section.
    ===Create-Ticket: codereview
    Subject: Code review for {$Tickets{‘TOP’}->Subject}
    Queue: Approbations
    Type: Approval
    Depended-On-By: {$Tickets{‘TOP’}->Id}
    Content: Someone has created a ticket. you should review and approve it, so
    they can finish their work

When fired, this template creates a ticket in queue “approbations” (change
it for your queue) of type “approval” and links it to the parent ticket.

  1. Create a scrip in your main queue (in order to avoid loops in tickets and
    approval creation, they should not reside in the same queue). Parameters are
  • Condition : On creation
  • Action : Create ticket
  • Model : using template above.
  1. Now, if you create a new ticket in your main queue, a children ticket of
    type approval will be automatically created in the approval queue. you’ll
    see it by clicking on the “approbation” link. You can approve, reject, or do
    nothing on the ticket.

This is a very basic example just to give you a start. You can find more
details in Jesse’s documentation on which variables can be used in ticket
creation to get some more useful behaviour.