RE : about autocreated user

An auto created profil on rt could be assigned a password so to see only his ticket without assigning them rights.

I created a group which is composed of these two autocreated (Mr.A & Mr.B) persons and assigned this group rights.

my problem is that i’d like Mr.B to be able to see Mr.A’s ticket.

rights seems not to work here

any idea ?

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Sivan DERAY wrote:


I’ve got an autocreated user and i assigned him only the right to
access RT. When connected to RT this user can view his ticket,
assuming that these tickets are in the general queue.

I created a queue “Client”

my question is :

How can i make this user see only his thicket in the queue Client and
not on the general queue anymore.

Grant ShowTicket to requestor role.
Read this for more info about roles and rights in RT


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