Re : 405 method not allowed when testing rt-mailgate - addendum


One of my colleagues has just pointed out an interesting possibility

: that I am shooting myself in the foot by maintaining rt2 and rt3 on
the same machine :

[root@cq-pan rt2]# find . -name
[root@cq-pan rt2]# cd …/rt3
[root@cq-pan rt3]# find . -name

 I know that I cant have '' configured for both in the

Apache config, but I didn’t realise that having two sets of code would
cause major problems.

 As everything works fine on the devel box (only rt3 installed

here), I think he may be onto something. I’ll dump the contents of @INC
when I next run my tests and let you know.


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Subject: 405 method not allowed when testing rt-mailgate - addendum

Apologies for the earlier stuffup - my url had two slashes in it.
Removing one still hasn’t fixed my problem, but I did discover something
interesting by messing around with my browser.

I am able to create tickets by manually invoking rt-mailgate like so
at the URL :


Clearly, the problem is neither with the URI nor anything on the other
side of the Mason ‘mail-gateway’ stuff. As I said before, it almost
certainly something I’ve overlooked in the config, but I need to get
this simple script working before I can go any further.


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You can have rt2 and rt3 on the same machine. They coexist quite

The catch is that you can only have one RT instance per mod_perl
instance. So, you either need to run RT2 and RT3 in seperate
apache/mod_perl’s, or have one be mod_perl and another FastCGI, etc.


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