Random RT 4.4.1 error


I have been using RT4.4.1 in production for more than a year.
Today, I have a random error:

“Can’t locate object method “as_” via package “HTML::Mason::Exception”
at /usr/local/share/perl/5.24.1/HTML/Mason/Exceptions.pm line 278.”

Sometimes, too, custom CSS malfunctions.

Do you have an idea of the cause of the problem?
Thank you for your answers.


I have seen this error only while replacing RT’s error page with a custom version.
Do you modify @MasonParameters in your config file?

Set (@MasonParameters, ( error_format => ‘my_error’ ) );

The above code causes RT to search for a method HTML::Mason::Exception::**as_**my_error to display errors. If error_format is empty, it will look for as_ as shown in your error message.

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Thank you very much for your response.

In fact, the RT “vm” is hosted on a VMware cluster.
Contrary to my “Proxmox” cluster, I don’t have the “hand” on this cluster.

The config file hasn’t been modified and doesn’t contain any variables concerning this parameter.

Since this bad day, no more problems …
I strongly suspect a problem on this infrastructure but not coming from RT :wink:

Thanks again,
Yours sincerely,