Random lookup failures after moving servers


We’ve been running an RT 3.4.5 version on a pre-production server for a
month or so and are attempting to migrate the data onto a production
server. RT on the production server appears to be working properly
until we import our data (dump it from the pre-production server and
import it to the new one). All of the information shows up, but the
various links appear to randomly return the wrong ticket, or not
tickets, even though the URL appear to be correct. We can see the
behavior by reloading the page multiple times, receiving different
results. There don’t appear to be any errors logged by Apache or WebRT.

At this point, I’m at a loss on where to look. Any suggestions?

The pre-production server has RT 3.4.5, Apache 2.0.52, MySQL 4.1.12,
Mod-Perl 2.0.2
The production service has RT 3.4.5, Apache 2.0.52, MySQL 4.1.20,
Mod-Perl 2.0.2

Eric Gauthier
Network Engineer
617-353-8218 ~^~ elg@nsegc.bu.edu
Boston University - Office of IT