Quickly delete tickets? reprise

Hi, I am looking for input as to the best way to quickly remove a ticket
from a queue in RT. Our help desk alias recives alot of mail that
does not belong in an RT queue and the general consensus here is
that the best way to solve the problem is a delete or remove link
next to every ticket when a queue is being viewed via ‘find
new/open tickets’ or, I suppose, any ticket list viewed with the search

Is their anything wrong with the deleting a ticket from the Ticket table
like so: " delete from Tickets where id="$id"" or would it better to
update the status to ‘dead’ or ‘resolved’ like so: “update Tickets set
status=‘dead’ where id="$id"”?

Should I worry about the Transactions table or any of the other fields in
the Tickets table.

I originally posted this to rt-devel, but recieved no replies.
I apologize for the duplication but I did not think the question was
particulalry dense OR esoteric, hoping for an answer -Tom

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