QueueList shows almost all queues empty

I’ve just upgraded to 4.4.1, from 4.2.8. (Using the Debian package.)

The QueueList element on the “RT at a glance” page shows almost all of my queues having no tickets new, open or stalled. There are definitely open tickets in those queues. My users tell me this worked before the upgrade.

A couple of queues show a few tickets as new or open, but not all of the ones that should be.

If I click on one of the queues, the resulting query shows no active tickets. The URL is


If I remove the ‘Status = _Active’ criteria from the search, I get all the tickets I expect.

The tickets are just plain ‘open’ and I have not changed %Lifecycles at all in the configuration. What else can I check?


This turned out to be because most of the queues had Lifecycle = NULL in the Queues table. Once I changed these to ‘default’ it started working. I guess this was meant to happen in a schema upgrade at some stage but didn’t work.