Queue-specific RT scrip / template combination not being presented

Thanks for accepting this email query - ran out of places to ask.

Problem : queue-specific RT scrip / template combination not being presented
even when named with the same name as the global scrip and / or template
name as suggested in an FAQ.

Query : how do we get queue-specific scrip / template response to work?

We have encountered a problem here with queue-specific scrips which don’t
seem to work whatever one does. As you know a queue scrip should show
rather than a global scrip / template under certain conditions.

I found a response by Bruce Campbell written some time ago about this which
suggested that if both the queue and the global scrip / template were
responding then the global had to be turned off for the duplicate to stop

Does this apply to the queue specific scrips which don’t substitute anyway?

An FAQ we found dealing queue-specific scrip / template says that RT
substitutes the global scrip response with a queue scrip with the same name
as the global scrip. The FAQ doesn’t say turn off the global scrips in the
config. (Admins may not be too comfortable with this.)

With some of the things we have tried no scrip / template appears at all…

Our admins have just upgraded RT to some V3 iteration which we thought might
solve the problem but it seems to persist.

[ One expects RT would preferentially present a queue-specific scrip
response if it existed - hence first check for that - and, then : if no
scrip and templates bound to a queue existed, respond with a global default.
Effectively, I suppose, that is what it is trying to do. It seems that
something is broken. But that could just be me. ]

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