Queue configuration question

We are trying to configure a queue to achieve a
particular effect. Can someone suggest a way that
I could acheive the desired results?

We are using RT 3.0.9. There are a number of groups
in our company that handle tickets but there ticket
volume is low enough that they don’t need their
own queue. So let’s say that there are 20 different
groups that are sharing one queue. It is also
worth mentioning that each group has a distribution
list or group mailbox that they use for other

We want each ticket to only be editable by the
appropriate group but we don’t know which member
of a group is going to work on a particular

There are 2 approaches I can think of but I’m not
sure RT can do either without a lot of custom

Approach 1:

Add a group as an AdminCC to ticket and give the
AdminCC role the necessary rights to see the
ticket and edit.

The problem here is that every member of the group
gets a copy of the notifications that are sent
out. We would prefer to have only the group
e-mail address get notifications. Can multiple
users have the same e-mail address in RT?

Approach 2:

Group ownership of tickets. Then the member of the
group who takes the ticket would get all notifications
after the taking?

Can anyone suggest an alternative? Maybe we could
modify RT so that a group can have an e-mail address
and have an option for notifications for the group
to go only to that address?