Queue configuration for ITIL processes

Hi everyone,

After successfully installing RT 3.6.1, Asset Tracker, and RTFM, I
started configuring RT to work with the ITIL processes that we’re going
to be implementing in my organization. Not surprisingly I set up the
following queues:

  • Support (i.e., “Incidents”)
  • Problems
  • Changes
  • Releases

I also created an “RFC” Asset Type in Asset Tracker.

I’m wondering what kind of cool scrip automation has been done in
creating new tickets in various queues. For example, imagine a work flow
like this:

  1. An RFC is created and stored in Asset Tracker
  2. Once the RFC is worked out, an RFC status custom field is set to
  3. Setting the custom field to approved automatically creates a new
    ticket in “Changes” which is linked back to the RFC.
  4. After the change process is worked out and approved, a new ticket is
    created in “Releases” and linked to the changes ticket.
  5. Release is completed and the ticket resolved, related change ticket
    is resolved, and RFC is marked “completed.”

I’m not enough of a scrip wizard yet to have a real clear idea of how
this would go. I’m pretty sure that the ticket creation and linking can
be automated. Has anyone implemented something like this?


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