Question on setting up self Service

Are there any How-To links to setup Self Service? I have been running an RT
Instance for many years and recently $WORK decided to change the email here
and I can no longer handle my internal Tech requests through my Drupal site
webforms and rt-mailgate.

So I would like to give my users a link to a form that would allow them to
add a ticket into RT.

If others do this I wold appreciate some pointers to links or what I need
to add to rt.
I am running RT 4.2.2
John J. Boris, Sr.
Online Services

Its actually pretty easy, according to . The URL is (where is
the URL you set up RT to respond to). I set this up on a little system I am
using to evalute RT.

What I did was to create an UNPRIVILEGED user, “customer” and assign it a
password, to test this capability. You then need to either put that
customer in a group or directly assign the privileges - I used “Create
Tickets” “Comment on tickets” in the General for “System Group” named

I haven’t tried it, but I expect you can give the “Sign up as a ticket
Requestor or ticket or queue Cc” or some such privilege to “anyone” so they
can submit a request for an ID without logging on. Otherwise, you can have
passwords auto-generated for customers that submit email requests. See

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