Question on Keywords and access control

Hello all,

I must say I am confused about keywords. I know they are thought to
organize requests in a free form matter, but I cannot see how keywords
are assigned to requests. Is it only possible at request creation time
(would be insufficient, because users often don’t know [exactly] what
category their request belongs to.
Keyword Selects only offers me the EditBasics page, but there I can’t
change anything…

It might be that I don’t have the rights to assign keywords, and thus
do not see the options to do so displayed. This is a second
(and secondary) thing that could be handled better IMHO: The fact that
I am not allowed to do something (changing templates, assigning keywords
to requests) should be visually different from a state that looks
broken (this is especially true for users that try to have a look
at templates: They see a bulleted list of numbers, but no names. First
knee-jerk reaction is to call the RT-maintainer on-site (that’s me) and
tell me RT is broken).

Other than that, we are very satisfied with RT! I think my localized
version of RT will be made available in early september.

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