Query on Ticket-Transactions Custom Fields --Solved

Here is the query that displays the values of custom fields on Ticket-Transactions, It took me a while to get it but here it is for the list:

SELECTT.Id, OCFV.ObjectId, Tr.ObjectId,Tr.Type,T.queue,T.subject,T.Status,T.Resolved,CF.Name,OCFV.Content FROM ((Tickets T LEFT JOIN Transactions TR on ((Tr.objectid = t.id))LEft join ObjectCustomFieldValues OCFV on ((OCFV.Objectid = tr.id))left join Customfields CF on ((CF.id = OCFV.CustomField))))WHERE T.Status = 'Resolved’and OCFV.objecttype = ‘RT::TRansaction’ and TR.type = ‘Comment’ and T.id = ‘1127’

One thing to notice is the left join on OCFV.ObjectId is equal to Transactions.ID (There seem to be a confusion when it comes to Transactions.ObjectID and ObjectCustomFieldValues.ObjectID: They are not the same, nor they point to each other)

Suggestions on how to improve this query are more than welcome…


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