Qmail finally fully supported with any arbitrary queue address!

I knew it had to be possible… I upgraded our mailsystem to qmail and
did not like the naming system that the install docs at helgrim said, so I
configured qmail the ‘right’ way (heh).

To setup RT with qmail with any arbitrary queue names you would want… you
need access to the ‘assign’ file in the users configuration folder of your
qmail config (usually located in /var/qmail/users/assign)… The purpose of
the assign paramater is to tell qmail what user a address should run as…

The format for this file is:
=(queue’s email address):(rt’s username):(rt’s UID):(rt’s GID):(rt’s Home
<continue on with as many of these as needed, 1 per email address>

The queue’s email address is self explanitory, you set one up fro each
comment/reply address…
The username is the username the rt bin is owned by…
The rt UID is the UID of the rt user (can be had from /etc/passwd)
The rt GID is the GID of the rt user (can be had from /etc/passwd too)
The home directory is the place qmail will look for the .qmail files to be
explained down below
The configfilename is the name appended to the .qmail filename to get the
filename for that queue

ps, the last . line is QUITE important! that is, a period on a line of its
own, and then followed by a carriage return…

The .qmail(configfilename) files…

Now it is time to setup the files in rt’s home directory…

create a file .qmail(your configfilename paramater from the assign file)
ex: .qmailsupport

in this file, add the line |/var/rt/bin/rt-mailgate -q (your actual queue
name) -a correspond

This file is actually just like settign up an alias… Continue on from

ps, my assign file looks like:

ps2… don’t use special chars in the coinfigfilename part… it doesn’t

The docs don’t have all possible configurations of qmail. For instance, for
my work, i treat rt.cliu.org as a virtual domain, and in

And then in the rt home directory:
.qmail-default mailgates to general queue
support mailgates to support queue

Etc. They can send to any address @rt.cliu.org and end up in the general

Pretty neat. I praise RT’s compartmentalized structure for allowing this to

Joe Gooch
Carbon Lehigh Intermediate Unit