Putting privileged users first on email autocomplete

Hi All!

I have “problem” with email autocomplete: when someone tries to send a reply or comment when
typing an email address: because of a huge bunch of emails (incoming mails → users) it becomes hard to find a coworkers email.
I increased the output of autocomplete helper (doubled it from 10 to 20 via callback) but it still
remains a problem.
So, the question is – is it possible to make a config adjustment of Helpers/Autocomplete/Users
to put privileged user on the top of the list? Or I should overlay the SimpleSearch method in lib/RT/Users.pm ?

Thanks, Peter

Hi Peter,

We used the Autocomplete/Users/ModifySuggestion callback to modify the the label for non-local addresses with the prefix ==EXTERNAL==. That along with the different user presentation pref setting allows for a pretty easy way to select the correct address. Before we made that change, we had many incorrect Email addresses being assigned mistakenly.


Hi Ken,
Thanks for the idea. Just one question: did you mean UsernameFormat config parameter?


Hi Peter,
Yes, that is the correct parameter.