Purpose of name field / operating AT /date fields


I am (still) thinking about what or how to track my sub 200 users and
their machines. I have a test RT rig with AT on it. I was wondering
about a couple of things, firstly the “name” field in AT: What do people
use it for? For example I can understand that you might want to record
the hostname of a computer, but then not do so for monitors, modems and
other kinds of assets: As it is a unique field does it imply that this
is where you would record an Asset TAG id?

Secondly when it comes to custom fields- what have people chosen? (Just
to see if you are using AT the way I was thinking of using it.) Mine so
far are make, model, sn, screen size select-one/type-one fields.

Thirdly on the subject of dates: Would there be enough unanimity in the
at user base to allow the cannibalisation of RT’s ticket dates code say
for acquisition date / warranty expiration? - I know I could type the
dates in as text in a custom field but it would be neater to have them
stored as dates.

On the RT side of things; what about this dates thing? Is there any
intent to create a custom field of type date in the pipeline? As far as
I can see it is a pretty useful function to have.

One final question on the RT side: When using WikiText in RTFM / other
places, do people generally create text articles with the odd hyperlink,
or richer content with images / screen grabs etc? The wiki implies that
you can use some html elements so I wondered whether people used it that



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