Publication of our changes to RT2.0.15

Hello friends,

we added the following changes to RequestTracker’s version 2.0.15:

  • Freetext fields (as already available in RT3)
  • Queue specific layouts
  • Export contents of searched tickets as CSV file.
  • Export transaction history of searched tickets as CSV file.
  • Import tickets from a CSV file.
  • Check consistency of data:
    • Mark certain input fields in red, if empty and certain other
      fields have certain values.
    • Automatical change of certain keyword selects, if certain
      fields have been set.
    • Reject changes of certain keyword selects, if certain fields
      are empty.
  • Added some ticket states.
  • Keep selected number of search results per page when doing
    another search.
  • Output group members alphabetically.
  • Redesign of ticket display
  • Reject brute force attacks to system by adding a delay after a
    certain number of wrong combinations of username and password.
  • Email Reminder when tickets are unattended for some days
  • Finer Granularity of former ModifyTicket Right
  • Search for dead tickets
  • Some Performance optimizations by use of caching mechanisms

This version will be available tomorrow under

Jesse Vincent, thank you for your work we could bank on!

Kind Regards,
Andreas Warnke and Horst Gwinner