Public and Private fields on a ticket


I have a question, it’s possible to hidde a part of a ticket, and anoter part stay public.


have this tikets on myQueue, and have 2 groups, the Public and the Admin,
this Queue allow public to give a feed-back, or submit an ideea.

All members in Public and Admin can make a ticket, but when is donne,
only the Requestor and Admin can see privat infos, like the name, e-mail, logg etc…

ticket 1 ticket 2

| a | | b | public infos - all members from group Public and Admin can read this
| c | | d | private infos - only group Admin and the Requestor can read this

Public group can read part a and b
Requestor of ticket 1 can read part a, c and b, but not d
Requestor of ticket 2 can read part a, b,d but not c
Admin group can read a,b,c,d

Of course, a user (Public group) send a idea on a ticket on the Queue, but he stays anonym for Public,
they can read the idea, but they don’t know who write this.

The Requestor can follow his ticket, and Admins can read, and reply, etc…

It is possible to hidde fields like: Requestor, Owner, etc… to Public, but not the History field ?

Tanks, best regards.
(sorry English isn’t my fluent language)